SAP Monitoring | SAPOMETER

How to Use

1. How to set up changing Dashboards after a certain time interval (only for Pro version)

Step 1. Create several Dashboards between which you need to switch. When creating dashboards, check the Add to Playlist switch button.

Create several dashboards

Step 2. Set the time interval by which you want to switch to the next dashboard.

Set time interval

Step 3. Click the Start Playlist icon on the main screen.

Start playlist

2. How to set up automatic updating of metric values on the main screen

Single Step. On the main screen, click on the Auto Refresh Timer icon and select the required time interval from the list.

Click auto refresh timer

3. How to manually update metric values on the main screen

Single Step. On the main screen, click on the Refresh icon or press the F5 key to start the process of updating the metrics.

Refresh icon or press F5 key

4. How to set up Goals for specific metrics

Step 1. Some metrics where it is possible to set a Target Threshold have a Goal Settings icon in the corner of the metric. Click on this icon.

Goal settings icon

Step 2. The form for setting the target threshold value will open. It is necessary to select a parameter if there are several of them, and set a logical operator and a value, upon reaching the condition of which this parameter will be highlighted in color.

Select parameters for Goal

Step 3. Save the value. Exceeding the target value is colored red. On metrics where the target threshold value is activated, the Goal Settings icon is highlighted in color.

Exceeding target value colored red

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